Mu online FULL update logs 2020 – All our updates installed on the servers up to 26 may 2020!

We are updating our servers frequently, while most people not really notice our hard work there is still a lot going on the background. To show you a little about our efforts on our server, we created our update log below:

Updates 26 May 2020

– Fixed VIP users don’t drop zen when maxed out and played AFK

– Fixed Beserker skill

– Reduced evasion skill cooldown to 10 seconds – SKILL works up to 7 seconds

updates: 21-May-2020

– Fixed enormous monster HP which may corrupt data in connection with PunishMaxDamage

– Fixed monsters stay “alive” sometimes after killing them with AOE skills – Fixed false-positive walk speed anti hack detection while riding selected pets

– Fixed Ghost Horse creation mix consumes invalid number of ingredients – Fixed ability to use warp to dead married character – Fixed invalid elemental damage for selection of skills

– Fixed party move can be abused to get into certain maps without required level

– Fixed data type for hunting record system map number to resolve display of negative map value

– Fixed Extended Notices the invincible buff issues does not work against debuff skills

– Fixed ConnectMember.xml does not work properly when character is created with mixed spelling case

– Fixed monsters stay “alive” sometimes after killing them with AOE skills – Fixed minor security issue’s

Fixed Game Server crash
Fixed Server applications vulnerability
Added built-in anti-flood protection to Game Server
Attack delays adjustments for selection of skills
Fixed Monster Soul Converter can be exchanged for a reward after completing one soul type only
Fixed Monster Soul Converter weekly purchases reset not working properly
Fixed not working Luck and Option attributes in MonsterSoulReward
Fixed inability to manually stack the Jewel of Black Soul
Fixed sale price divisor not working

New updates: 14 may 2020
Fixed invalid kill notice about killer for selected boss monsters
Fixed fast durability decrease issue for selection of items
Fixed invalid behavior of CheckComboDelayTime option for Combo Skill plugin
Fixed attack range issue for selection of AOE skills
Fixed “instant bingo” issue after Jewel Bingo game start
Fixed inability to use Dark Horse and Ghost Horse together
Fixed invalid attack behavior of Triple Shot skill
Fixed not working frouth skill of increasing attack range
Fixed inability to gain mastery reward points in lower levels of selected events
Fixed invalid monster issue for Devil Square event
Fixed Earrings bonus options issue
Fixed Spirit Stone chaos mix combination price
Fixed SQL state for Battle Core data server in relation of missing procedure
Fixed demolish skill values mismatch in display for selected game-play areas
Fixed Minor translations
Fixed possible attack delays while using selection of skills
Fixed GameServer crash
Fixed Inability to use Dark Horse from expanded inventory
Fixed IGC_DeleteCharacter procedure resolving problems of character delete via game and tools
Fixed inability to obtain a reward from monster soul converter once filled with souls (the fix will apply only to newly created converters)
Fixed possible SQLSTATE error in Data Server
Adjusted Triple Shot skill anti-speed hack attack delay
Fixed Zen bug connected with particular use of resets system
Fixed walking issue of LMS NPC
Fixed not working “Enable” config attribute of LMS event
Fixed durability based “required” items are not being properly deleted for Marry system
Modified GrowLancerHarshStrike
Fixed invalid pentagram sockets when rewardrd from Monster Soul System
Fixed error of Invalid MonsterType while Devil Square event is running
Fixed invalid Barrage Count for Death Scythe skill
Fixed Ghost Horse does not get exp while equipped together with Dark Horse
Fixed improper management of stacked jewels deletion for Miracle Shop
Blocked ability to overuse Guide quest system for relocating by PK
Fixed Increase Attack Power of Lethal’s Ring does not apply
Fixed Excellent Options weird issue
Luxury box can be sold / trown now
Removed weaker sets from ATRON boxes
— Added the socketed items at x-shop itself
Removed all socketed items from BOXES flawless, absolute, atron,
Blessed divine for dl added to x-shop
Vip is giftable now at x-shop
Warp /marry to coordinates and dl summon skills disabled at higher maps due bots abuse.

New updates 29 april 2020
Set siege date on saturday.
Added super grand reset – at 500 GR.
Minor security patches & tweaks
— added to x-shop wcoin – special P & R and goblin-points – specials
Added new ancient options: Defender I-II-III-IV on rings and pendants.
Fixed awakening doesnt show ancient options ( visual bug fix )
Fixed BA shortsword up to soulsword damage increase damage par tier upgrade.
Changed all Mace Of Steel types to scepter, so darklord gain extra bonus from skilltree.
Fixed text of capsules, trow it on the ground to open.
Added SUM set silverheart at x-shop
Added RF set silverheart at x-shop
Added slayer BA set & weapons at x-shop
Reduced OP-skill Explosion hp kill.
Increased non-pvp player capacity
Rendant of ice resistance fix
Rendant of lighnting resistance fix
Ring of poison resistance fix
Ring of ice resistance fix
Pentagram PVP damage increased
HP bug at different levels fixed
Party EXP + exp-system changed, hard fix increased xp rates par party-member
Scale helm MG bug fix

-> [MOD] better compatability with LauncherServer reconnetion when using Anti-DoS protection
-> [MOD] modified browser auto refresh to try fix possible crash on refresh
-> [FIX] News page cannot display webpage working in some cases
Launcher fixes
Fixed disappearance of entire TOCA stack after successful item enhancement
Fixed socket item upgrade may result in in producing socket item without single empty slot
Fixed combo damage does not cause damage in certain scenario
Fixed a special scenario of after-reset spawn location issue for Elf character
Fixed selection of Rune Wizard skills animation/damage issue while in use in Offline Levelling plugin
Fixed Elemental Rune is not stacking automatically while purchasing from store
Fixed trash text while mouse over Zen and Ruud
Fixed a 4th tere stun debuff issue
Fixed a conflict Reconnect System
Fixed Guardian Elite Opt Change Piece overlap issue
Fixed inability to heal Ghost Horse with Jewel of Bless
Fixed combo skill issue while ridding a mount pet
Fixed rush skill issue while ridding a mount pet
Fixed not working CTRL+Z with selection of mount items
Added 1 new elite two-handed Axe – drops from elite sword box
Added 1 new elite shield – drops from elite shield box
Added 3 new elite swords – drops from elite sword box
[Event]Ruud box can be trown
[Event]Ruud box drop from scorn dragon changed to elite lance box
In CS guild mates don’t damaged each others anymore
Fixed wing of color/power corrected increase damage / absorb rates
Fixed gameserver siege crash issue

Server fixes 5 march 2020
Fixed Game Server crash
Fixed Ghost Horse tooltip name
Fixed earrings mastery increase excellent/critical damage options functionality
Fixed Ghost Horse not working attack speed increase option
Fixed Spirit Stone Chaos Combination issues
Fixed an issue where monsters did not take damage if attacker did not change its position from time to time
Fixed delay issue for selection of skills
Fixed inability to repair Wings of Power
Fixed mounts visual issues after using telepoer or summon
Fixed Elemental Talisman of Chaos does not disappear after mix completion
Fixed a conflict between Zyro and Marlon NPCs may spawn in same place at same time
Fixed occassional HP issue in specified scenario of MU Helper use
Fixed inability to cancel selection of buffs
Fixed animation issue for selection of skills while in offline levelling mode
Fixed selection of not working 4th wings options
Fixed vulnerability of selected Chaos Combinations
Fixed misfunction of Talisman of Luck durability when used in Chaos Combination
Fixed disconnect issue when attacking with selected skill types from long distance
Fixed misfunction of /hide command
Fixed random issue where it was not possible to create selected character class
elemental fail when unmount ( Blessing of Spirit ) at x-shop
max 6 sockets limit dual socket weapons fixed.
bugged lanced removed from drops.

New updates 24 februari
Players at lvl 1 can be pk’ed now (at pvp server only )
Fixed cannot warp to crywolf or event maps on vip-server
Fixed vip rates for vip-users at all servers, including normal/market/etc
Fixed Game Server crash
Fixed Game Server vulnerability
Fixed Earring Options do not work properly
/offtrade at lorencia non-pvp enabled
— Lucky coins npc added at lorencia bridge
— Debenter drops custom socketed sets
— Acheron Talisman of elemental change & Excellent quivers – Elemental Rune & Powder
— Nars drops 4th wings ingredients + rune maces
— Nix lake drops AA weapons now, including rune and slayer
Updated news system with drops
Attack Increase Strengthener 3th skilltree gives more buff damage
trivia event gives now elemental rune
blue ribbon box drops custom item now ( non-ancient )
bk vs bk increased damage
— Added drop Elite Guardian Enhanced Stone
— Added drop Guardian Enhanced Stone
— Added drop sculpture
Scorched canyon random mob drop added:
Added new Plasma bow with working triple shot skill
errtel of radiance can now be created at npc adniel
Increased errtel rank up succesrate
Increased mithril droprate at map ferea
Guild rebirth as defender guild
Fixed siege is now at sunday 17:00 gmt+1
Fixed lucky items cannot be sold at this npc error
Fixed lucky items can be upgraded by jewels
Fixed lucky items excellent options

New updates 13-02-2020
Respawn time +- 3 hours
— very small % to drop ELITE weapon/shield boxes
— small % to drops absolute & atron boxes
Or has chance to drops:
Drops up to 25 wcoins boxes.
— NOTICE: HP-BAR goes down when 10% hp remains
Fixed switched wings item names.
Added absolute lance to box of kundun5
elite shield can have skill now ( can upgrade with jewel )
disabled offtrade on PvP server
Removed player enter message
Changed whisper color
Blood castle VIP server fixed warp
Fixed flawless sometimes don’t have ancient option on drop.
Removed clear inventory command
Some other items can be sold/dropped
Silver key gold key can be sold/dropped
Lucky items can be sold/dropped
Minor bugfixes
New items from boss LOT
New boss on LOT only ( must win siege event )

Updates 04-02-2020
Security updates installed
Increased server capacity
Added elite weapons – elite box is cheaper but random
Added vip server tickets
Added 2 new wings ( equal strong as 4th wings )
x-shop items

Updates 29-01-2020
Server capacity increased, more players par server since limit almosted reached ?
Bosses respawn decreased, now bosses enhanced balrog, rathian boss +- 3 hours (random)
offtrade davias – added
silverheart summoner – fixed
lucky items don’t drop slayer set
add wings of power and illusion to x-shop ( has same % as 4th wings, for all classes, has only little more defence )
Inberial staff added to x-shop

Updates 26-01-2020

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