Welcome noble mu online players to our premium muonline servers.

Welcome to our noble mu online servers, why noble?

Because our servers are linked and compatible with each other, it means when a server has too low online players to stay online. You simply export your account to our latest mu online server! This way you never lose your items, accounts and or wcoins.

( note: Avomu is up for 2 years now, and still running fine! )

On top of this feature, we got fully premium supported servers with lotz of bugs fixes to provide optimal gameplay. Also we’ve implementeed custom items like wings, weapons and other new mu online ancient items.

We spend alot of time to balance PvM and PVP so far possible

Every server is hosted on our dedicated mu online servers to prevent lag and 24/7 online time.

So select your favourite style server now and have fun!

Good luck mu online players!

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